“I looked, and there it was. Wonder of wonders!”

Before Amy came to our home, we couldn't find anything. Stuff was strewn everywhere, stuffed behind closed doors. It's been a slow process for us, but we've made tremendous progress! Now when I need something, I know exactly where it should be.

— S.V.

“Highly recommend her!”

For two years, my house sat virtually lifeless until Reclaim Interiors came to the rescue. I simply didn't know where to start. I felt overwhelmed by all the options. Amy patiently worked through my fear of commitment and helped me make decisions. In the end, the house that was once an empty shell became a home.

— K.S.

"Amy did an excellent job of matching my budget and my needs. Working with some of my existing furniture, the finished design surpassed my expectations. The combination of colors looks amazing in my living room and brings the space to life!"

— R.D.



“It's so pretty I might cry.”

I knew Amy was talented but WOW. Before we redecorated my office, it was drab and messy. With her combined talent of organizing and decorating, the space is now so bright and clean! I actually love spending time in my home office, and I can't wait to have Amy back to help with the rest of my house.

— B.A.


"Amy's design and management skills are a perfect combination for your project"

I hired Amy to freshen our office that had not been updated since the early 90s.  Although I was the project sponsor, she had to deal with multiple "design experts" in the organization who asked for a say in the project.  Plus she had to work within a limited budget and take into consideration the tastes of the current office occupants, all while we continued to work in the offices under renovation.

Despite that long list of demands, the project came in on time, under budget, and is so attractive the building manager uses the office as a showcase for potential lease clients.

— K.K.