Frequently Asked Questions


Many people have questions when starting down the path of organizing and decorating. Here, I try to proactively answer some of the most common questions.


What can I expect for an organizing session?

I have a 3-4 hour minimum, so be prepared to focus on the task at hand. If you need to get a babysitter or bribe your spouse to take the kids while we work, please do so. Depending on the type of organizing, it may be physically and/or mentally tiring. Keeping snacks and water on hand can help with the fatigue. I typically start with some strategizing and planning, then move on to sorting, decision-making, and then placing everything in its new "home."

How long will this take?

There's no easy answer for this question. It is highly dependent on the project and the client. Several factors impact how quickly (or slowly) we will move - whether you are working with me the entire time, whether you can make decisions quickly, and whether the dedicated space is sufficient for what you would like to go there, to name a few.

Will I have to get rid of all my stuff?

I never force my clients to get rid of anything. But I do encourage being thoughtful and intentional about what is kept. If there is an overabundance of items meant to fit in a closet that is only so big... well, I can do many things, but I cannot work miracles! Sometimes the answer really is that there needs to be fewer things. We can figure out what to keep together based on your priorities. Be prepared to confront that challenge head-on!

Should I clean up before you arrive?

Nope! It is actually important for me to see how you live on a day-to-day basis and how you function in the space. No need to add more stress to your plate by worrying about any pre-session cleaning.

How should I prepare for an organizing session?

Get a good night's sleep and eat a good meal before we get started. It will help your decision-making capability and stamina immensely! Also, if you are sensitive to dust, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take allergy medication. We may stir up some dust as we dig into anything that has been lying around for a while.

Do I need to buy any products?

No, unless I have specifically discussed that with you beforehand. Many times we can use what you already have around the house. For some occasions, I will bring some products with me if I think it will be a good fit for the you and the space or project, but you are never required to use it.

When do I pay you?

Organizing - I require payment in full at the end of every session. If it is a very large project, I may ask for a retainer or a deposit for materials up front.

Decorating - I typically invoice after the initial consultation and then after the planning phase is complete. If I am purchasing items for you, I then invoice separately for products and any time associated with ordering and coordinating.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept check, credit card, Venmo, Apple pay, and Google Wallet.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Generally, 48 hours' notice by text is required to cancel. If you have cancelled within the 48 hour window, I will attempt to fill the vacancy with another client. If I cannot, a 2-hour service fee will be charged. 

What happens if the weather is bad on our appointment day?

In the event of inclement weather the day of an appointment, we will follow cancellation protocols set by Alexandria Public Schools and your respective location. Either or both of us may cancel without penalty.

Is my sensitive information safe with you?

Client information will remain private and confidential, except when
divulging of information is authorized by you, or as required by law or where the
information indicates potential for substantial harm for the client, others, or myself.

I've seen some of your pictures on social media. Will you take photos of my house?

I do use pictures of projects for the promotion of my business via social media, brochures, website, presentations, etc. No identifying information will be contained in the picture or used in the promotion.

Is my house the worst you've ever seen?

Probably not! But I wouldn't tell you if it was anyway :) I am not here to pass judgment, but to help you overcome the clutter that has accumulated for one reason or another.